About Us

Easy Mondays is a bespoke production company established by a bunch of creative gourmands, voyagers, and trendsetters. We circled the world more than a couple of times last year, we produced and distributed films about food, we shot sexy beverage and food porn, we published trendsetting magazines on travel and the pleasures of life, we wrote and photographed books. Heck, we created and sold our own BBQ sauce. In short, we spent countless hours devoted to finding the most exquisite flavors and experiences all around the globe, and we brought our babies and dogs as witnesses!

Our pursuit in the never-ending circle of life is to create the most engaging content for the Food, Beverage, Travel, and Hospitality world. We are known for our high-quality productions and our taste at selecting excellent restaurants in the most remote regions. And we do all of it because we love it, because it is in our ethos, and because we shine the most when we are crafting astonishing stories together.